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Friday 16 November 2012

In a recent article in the Orange County Register, allegations have been made that the SaveOurBookStore Working Group has somehow been involved in the recent closing of the Friends of the Dana Point Library Bookstore. There is absolutely no truth in this allegation.

The bookstore is physically located in a building owned by the Orange County Public Libraries. The SaveOurBookStore Working Group accepts the decisions of the Public Libraries on the use of its property.

The SaveOurBookStore Working Group looks forward to the reopening of the bookstore in 2013, and trusts that the newly-elected board will restore the credibility of the Friends of the Dana Point Library association.

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Welcome to the website of the SaveOurBookStore group.

Our active group consists of volunteers at the Friends of the Dana Point Library Bookstore. Our commonality rests in that each of us have recently either resigned or have been dismissed from our volunteer activity because we protested the increasing program of intimidation aimed at removing any opposition to the practices of the Board of the Friends of the Library. We are supported by a large group of volunteers and members of the Association.

So far the bookstore has lost sixteen experienced and dedicated volunteers, including six managers. We are joined in this effort to save our book store from the dictatorial actions of those who appear to have a distaste for democratic disagreement with their views. We wish to take back our Bookstore and restore it to a venue where volunteers and customers can meet in a friendly atmosphere, and the primary goal of helping the Library is our main motivation.

This website contains factual evidence of the reasons for our concerns, and an open display of our intentions. Please feel free to browse the site – and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

It is time for change and we are asking for your help to accomplish this.

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We welcome your constructive input.

Our purpose is to provide a voice for everyone interested in contributing to our effort. We welcome your comments, recommendations, opinions, documents, et cetera – that you would like to share with us. Please send us your correspondence by email to, or by postal service to SaveOurBookStore, Post Office Box 3664, Dana Point, ca 92629. Please contact us if you would like volunteer your services to the group in any way whatsoever.

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This website will be regularly updated.

As circumstances change over time, we will make sure that this website is up-to-date with the latest information. We will post new documents in the Published Articles section. For more information on the upcoming Special General Meetings & Recall Election scheduled for Sunday 16 September 2012, please check the Election section.

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